Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Please feel free to browse through these questions and answers and if you don't see the question you need answered please feel free to ask us directly through our Contact Us page.

Where does the name "Friends" come from?

The full name for our denomination is Religious Society of Friends, therefore the name has been shortened to Friends. The name Friends also comes from the gospel of John 15:14, “You are my friends if you do what I command you.”

Why do I hear it called “Quakers” sometimes?

The name was given to early Friends for it was said that as in times of worship they “trembled under the power of God.”

What beliefs are in common with other denominations?

We believe in the redeeming grace of God through Jesus Christ our Lord. We believe in life everlasting, the Holy Scriptures, and the continued guidance and revelation of the Holy Spirit.

What is silent worship?

Early Friends met without Pastors. Meetings for worship were held and people allowed the Holy Spirit to work, mostly through the silence in worship. Occasionally, worshippers spoke as led by the Holy Spirit. Even today, our worship services offer a time of “open worship” where we center our thoughts and spirits on God.

What is the one biggest difference in Friends and other denominations?

Friends do not practice the ritual sacraments of baptism and communion. Friends believe that no outward ritual can take the place of the change that occurs on the inside through the work of Holy Spirit.

Is it true that Friends don’t practice baptism?

Yes and no. Friends do not practice water baptism, but do believe in baptism of the Spirit. So, when people ask if we are baptized, many answer yes in the Spirit.

Are Quakers like the Amish?

Because Quakers and the Amish both lead simple lives, they have been mistaken as being the same. They are not. Amish and Mennonites are related to one another, but not to Quakers.

Why are Friends called a Meeting and not a Church?

We believe the church is a building and the people are the meeting, therefore Concord Friends Meeting.

Why do Friends called everyone by their full name?

We feel your name is a very special name, so we call you by your full name rather than adding Mr., Mrs., or Reverend.