Concord Friends History

Time has claimed most of the early history of Concord Meeting. As we run across more information we will add what we find to this page so that everyone can share in our history.  If you know a bit of history of Concord Friends or have some old records that may have been lost, please let us know on our Contact Us page. Here is some of what we do know.

concordfriendschurchsmallMeetinghouse - An old deed dated August 20, 1799 deeds a parcel of land to the overseers of Concord Meeting. The fact that the deed was made to the overseers of Concord Meeting established the fact that there was an organized meeting at this early date. Story has it that the first log meetinghouse was burned at the close of the Civil War by soldiers who were camping on the property. Sometime before 1894 with the financial help from Centre Meeting, a one room frame building was erected. Incurring several alterations, this building stood until the early part of 1940 when a new Meeting House was built. In 1949 a parsonage was erected across the road from the meetinghouse. In early 1960 a fellowship hall and several classrooms were completed. As years passed the need for additional space for classrooms and for meeting for worship was needed. In 1971 a new sanctuary was built that would hold around 200 people with several new classrooms. With Concord and the community still growing we found it hard to accommodate everyone in the fellowship hall for meals etc. After a lot of Fund Raising, on October 9, 2008 we had a dedication service for our new Family Life Building.

Youth Groups - In 1925 Christian Endeavor, an organization for young people was organized. By 1938 there was an average attendance of 40. We have an active youth group today led by Cindy Creed.

Missionaries - The first missionary society was organized around 1941 during World War II. It was first organized with Concord Friends Women as well as other ladies from community churches. It was called the" Christian Fellowship Service Club" The purpose of the club was to be of service to the community and also war torn countries. Many first aide bandages were rolled during meetings. The ladies always had handmade quilts ready when a fire struck someone's home. In 1963 the group joined the United Society of Friends Women. Today we have two active circles with the same purpose to promote mission work at home and abroad.

Pastors - Since 1920, when we became a Monthly Meeting we have had twenty four pastors. Greg Creed has been our present pastor since 2001. We feel that Greg was called by God to minister to his people because of the wonderful sermons and the leadership he gives.

Here is a list of previous pastors who served here at Concord.

  • Margaret Hackney - 1st Sunday each month early part of 1900
  • Oscar Cox - 1925
  • J Norman Osborne
  • Manley Holiday
  • Claude Bulla
  • York Teague
  • John Trivitt
  • Isaac Harris
  • Nell Brady - to 1943
  • Robert Greene - 1944 to 1949
  • Claude Bullock - 1949 to 1952
  • Robert Greene - 1952 to 1955
  • Dallas Rush - 1956 to 1956 (Interim)
  • James Marion - 1956 to 1957
  • Thomas Butt - 1957 to 1960
  • Marie Marion - 1960 to 1961 (Interim)
  • Carl Brooks - 1961 to 1963
  • James Thompson - 1963 to 1968
  • Allen Bullard - 1968 to 1969
  • Robert Darsch - 1969 to 1974
  • Don Osborne - 1974 to 1976
  • Hadley Roberson - 1976 to 1977
  • Archie Creed - 1977 to 1988
  • Ronnie Sessoms - 1988 to 1988 (Interim)
  • Allen Bullard - 1988 to 2001
  • Greg Creed - 2001 to Present



Circa 1940 -1971


Circa 1894 -1940